Nvidia chip with Java allows 3D modeling on cell phones

May 12, 2008, 7:34 AM PST | Length: 291

At the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, Ken Russell and Sven Gothel of Sun Microsystems explain how the Nvidia APX2500 chip allows developers to write Java apps on a desktop and run them directly to cell phones. Users will be able to play games and navigate cities in 3D using GPS.


It's a amazing thing! That was a fast prototype for JavaOne, much more will come soon. Good to see NVidia entering in mobile. Today the best GPU for mobiles are from PowerVR, used on Nokia N95. For new commers, Java ME has two 3D API for mobiles : the OO scenegraph JSR-184,aka M3G; and JSR-236 for OpenGL-ES.