Tesla Test Drive: Time to Try an American Car?

September 4, 2009, 4:22 AM PST | Length: 139

MoneyWatch picked six American cars to check out now. The sleekest of the bunch is the new Tesla Roadster, which does zero to 60 in under four seconds.


The Tesla is amazing... clearly it is not a cost effective choice, but it is awesome to see the technology evolve (as well as style options) with electric cp auto products vehicles. Lets face it - you can not beat .02$ per mile - This is the technology REALLY offering progress!

HAL 9000
HAL 9000 moderator

A Lotus Europia with a Targra Top. Now I just have to ask does it handle like a Yank Tank or more like the Lotus it looks so much like. I would say that it's very cost effective compared to what market it's aimed at provided that it Accelerates, Handles, Stops and generally is as much fun to drive as it looks, it will be very cost effective for the market that it's aimed to compete in. Of course if it Stops and Handles like a Viper then it's a different story. ;) It's got a excellent Power to Weight Ratio compared to the more Conventional Cars that are in the same class but I have to wonder just how efficient the Regenitive Braking is and what the actual Power Loss over all is. Col