TR Dojo: Five tips for working with people from other countries and cultures

January 25, 2011, 4:39 AM PST | Length: 330

Are ready to be part of a global workforce? Bill Detwiler gives you five tips to help you work well with people from other backgrounds and cultures. Once you’ve watched this TR Dojo video, you can find a link to the original TechRepublic article and print the tip from our TR Dojo Blog.


Great stuff, well done. I would add that, just because people speak English as we do here in Australia, ( By the way this is another country outside of the USA and 16hrs time difference), it does not mean that they speak American English (Americish). for instance the UK English slang for Cigarette is fag (thats an F and an A and a G) A rude word in the states !. Most of the rest of the world outside the USA use dd/mm/yy for dates. I have experienced at least on guy misunderstanding that someone who said they would fly to Australia on 11/5/2008 thinking this meant 11th of May not 5th of November ! and started panicking because it was 3rd of May and we were not ready for the visitor. Also body language is different e.g. some Indian people shake their head when they mean yes. I have experienced being taken by the hand by a senior Thai manager and being lead into a meeting :-) So do homework is a great suggestion and if you can do a cross cultural learning workshop. Thanks for a great video.