TR Out Loud FAQ - Videos, newsletters, and blogs

December 18, 2008, 8:39 PM PST | Length: 396

TechRepublic's Sonja Thompson is vacationing in Florida, and so we decided to put together a couple TR Out Loud Community FAQs to both inform and entertain the TR community during the holiday break. In this FAQ, we examine the Video door, Newsletters, and Blog RSS feeds.

To listen to this week's TR Out Loud FAQ as just an audio file, download the mp3.


Test. Does starting a discussion from a video on the 'Video' page create a different discussion than starting one for the video as linked to the home page? Apparently so. I copied this from my post to a completely different discussion based on this same video. Sonja and PTBs, here's a poorly phrased question about videos New video content gets my attention either from a blurb on the home page / portal, or when a discussion based on that video appears in the Discussions forum. I notice that clicking a link to the video from either of those locations takes me to a 'traditional' TR article page, one without the fancy video layout and it's 'See Full Transcript' link. (Yes, I'm one of those who frequently complain about the lack of transcripts.) Is there a way to get all references to a video (home page, discussions) to link to the video-formatted page and not to the 'traditional' style page? For example, I got to the TROLOV FAQ video from the discussion that resulted from it. Clicking the link at the top of the discussion takes me to a 'traditional' formatted article page without the features of the video formatted page. Why not have the link at the top of the discussion take me to the video formatted page for the video? Also, I assume this discussion was started by someone who viewed the video on a 'traditional' page. If I click Comment on a video started from a thumbnail on the Videos page, it starts another discussion apparently separate from the one started on the 'traditional' page. See the discussion I started for the TROLOV FAQ video when I viewed it from a thumbnail on the Videos page. In short, it looks like there are at least two ways to access videos, one of which appears to be superior but is harder to find and not the default method used at TR.

tcavadias moderator

.. doesn't it? The main TROLOV you see (that Sonja comments to) is placed within her blog - hence a different area (the blogs) and gets its own discussion. Since all videos are also placed into the Video section (for those who wish to browse videos) - they also get their own discussion thread. Since TR is unique in that it has discussion forums compared to say ZDNet/BNet which only has Talkbacks any comment made to anything is then also included within the discussion forums. I'm assuming you're asking that within this page - - that there be a direct link to the Blog Sonja posts with the video included? (There is a tag that links back to the full TROLOV Blog) or the opposite? -Tammy :-)


I'm asking for all pages featuring a video to include the same content management features (transcripts and whatever else may be developed) and link to a single discussion, regardless of whether the video is posted as a blog, webcast, video, and / or other article classification. I also notice many videos on the Video page don't include a 'Transcripts' link. What determines what gets transcribed?