Understand five things that suck about working in IT

January 6, 2009, 3:38 PM PST | Length: 452

Working in IT is one of the world's most challenging jobs — and not always in a good way. To build a strong IT department, IT leaders need to understand the problems of the profession so that they can take steps to keep morale and retention as high as possible. This episode Sanity Savers for IT executives discusses five of the worst things about working in IT and suggests ways that IT leaders can help to overcome them.


I am a network engineer, with a CS degree. I also develop networking software for my company; (the desk job part). But when I am in the data center, or setting up T1/T3 lines for a customer...MAN, talk about pressure! Constantly running around with my head cut off. Smoke, fire, death, sweat and blood...is my job! Never a dull moment. I experience just about everything that was mentioned in the article. Not so much non IT staff bugging me though..as I only work with IT professionals from other companies; carriers, internal IT staff from a customer etc.. But on the other hand...24/7 baby, you work for a small ISP, your doomed! At any moment, at anytime no matter you are..if you get that call or alert...your in the data center or hacking away on the laptop until the problem is fixed! Keeping up with the .NET universe is insane as well! I wont even go there....