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    Diversity and inclusion policy

    The importance of diversity and inclusion in any given organization cannot be overstated. It establishes a level playing field, brings together people with different backgrounds, perspectives, traditions and ideas and enriches company culture by ensuring fairness and tolerance. This helps build a more effective and collaborative workforce which enables the business to run in a ...

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    Development lifecycle policy

    Software development is a complex process that involves a specific series of steps (known as the development lifecycle) to transform a concept into a deliverable product. The steps involved with creating the finished product must be carefully adhered to yield the best results, reduce inefficiencies and maximize customer satisfaction. The purpose of this policy from ...

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    Checklist: Network and systems security

    Cybersecurity demands and the stakes of failing to properly secure systems and networks are high. While every organization’s specific security needs form a unique and complex blend of interconnected requirements, numerous security fundamentals almost always apply to each of these groups. It stands to reason that cybersecurity pros who effectively identify network and systems risks ...

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