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    Cross-training tool kit

    The more flexibility you can create in your technology workforce, the better you’ll be equipped to manage tomorrow, whatever the future brings. Too often, we focus on helping our teams become technical specialists who know volumes about a single technology, but quickly lose sight of how that technology connects with others. This makes their skills ...

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    Document retention policy

    The purpose of this policy from TechRepublic Premium is to provide guidelines for the appropriate retention and disposal of physical and electronic documents. Specifically, this policy establishes and describes how the company expects its employees to manage company information (whether electronic files, hard copies or other formats) from creation through destruction, according to applicable laws ...

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    Checklist: How to manage your backups

    PURPOSE Backups are essential to any IT job. Some consider backups as the most critical tasks in an administrator’s day. Why? Because when a backup is done correctly (and performed regularly), recovering from a disaster is less of a nightmare and more of an inconvenience. Without those backups, your business could be non-operational for some ...

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    Hiring kit: Prompt engineer

    PURPOSE Recruiting a prompt engineer with the right combination of industry knowledge, organizational awareness, experience and technical expertise will require a comprehensive screening process. This hiring kit from TechRepublic Premium provides an adjustable framework your business can use to find the right person for the job. From the hiring kit: DETERMINING FACTORS, DESIRABLE PERSONALITY TRAITS, ...

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