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    Google Chrome: Security and UI tips you need to know

    Google’s Chrome web browser held a 64.92% command of the global browser market share in April 2023. That means more users are working with Chrome in significantly more use cases: mobile, desktop and even business. Because of that, users of all types must employ Chrome with a measure of caution and intelligence. After all, most ...

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    Ergonomics policy

    A safe and healthy work environment provides the foundation for all employees to be at their most productive. Not only does it promote productivity in the workforce, but it also helps prevent accidents, lawsuits and, in extreme cases, serious injury and loss of life. A clear and robust ergonomic policy, like this one from TechRepublic ...

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    Enterprise IoT calculator: TCO and ROI

    Internet of Things devices serve a number of useful applications, such as environmental, asset or inventory monitoring/control, security functions, fitness devices and smartwatches. There is an array of IoT functions for both consumer and business purposes, but determining the total cost of ownership and the return on your enterprise investment in a widespread or large-scale ...

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    Employee political activity policy

    No matter where in the world an enterprise operates, politics is going to play a major role in the lives of its employees. Depending on the country and the current political situation, it’s possible for affiliations, candidates and political parties to become a driving passion in your workforce. While an actively engaged workforce taking interest ...

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