Generally, when it comes to counting things, 10 billion is a big number (unless we are discussing government budgets, because then we are just starting to talk about real money). For Google and the Android Market I think we can go ahead and consider it a big number, because on December 6, 2011, Google announced that over 10 billion apps had been downloaded. But the real kicker is that rate of downloads is one billion per month.

That’s a lot of Angry Birds

Google’s chart of Android Marketplace growth.

To celebrate surpassing this milestone, Google is having a 10-day sale on many popular apps in the Android Market. Each day during that 10-day window, several different applications will be offered for only 10 cents each. To find out which apps are on sale you have to check out the Android Market each day.

What apps?

10 billion is a really big number – how many apps do we really need anyway? What apps have you downloaded from the Android Market? How many of those apps have been free? How many of those apps have you paid for?