College graduates can breathe a little easier with a new service that guarantees them job interviews. TalentWorks unveiled on Tuesday an AI platform that matches candidates with companies that are hiring, at the cost of just $10 per week.

The National Center for Education Statistics projects that over 1.9 million students have graduated in the class of 2017–the majority of whom are looking to join the workforce. And with more than 44 million American students in upwards of $1.44 trillion worth of student debt, TalentWorks is presenting a much needed platform for graduates seeking to pay off loans.

Created by former Amazon engineering professionals Kushal Chakrabarti and Ajit Banerjee, TalentWorks uses machine learning to match students with opportunities relevant to their interests and experiences.

After clicking “Automate Your Job Search,” job-seekers enter their desired profession and location and wait for the invitations for interviews to roll in. The free plan provides application tracking and management, an advanced JobScout, a personalized hiring plan, and ten 1-click job applications. Or job-seekers can choose from two premium plans, which cost $5 or $10 per week, and offer resume optimization and personal “TalentAdvocates,” who are experienced hiring managers.

TalentWorks offers users a full refund if there is no employer response within 60 days.

“What do fancy math and great mentors get you? A guaranteed response from employers,” according to the TalentWorks website. “No more resume black-hole.”

TalentWorks is joining the list of other tech startups aimed at helping people find jobs, like, a website that suggests companies for users to apply to and even offers a signing bonus for those who accept jobs.

TechRepublic’s Hope Reese has written about the struggle employers also face finding suitable candidates in the current job market, especially in the cyberskills field. “While companies struggle to find talent for a number of different skillsets, the IT and computer science field is the most pronounced. Specifically, cybersecurity remains at the top of in-demand jobs,” Reese wrote.

Through TalentWorks’ AI-powered job search, employers have the opportunity to find the talent they need, while college grads have the opportunity to save time and tears.

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The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. TalentWorks helps college graduates land job interviews for a $10 fee, guaranteeing a full refund if employers do not reach out within 60 days.
  2. Using machine learning, TalentWorks matches employers and college graduates based on both parties’ strengths and wants.
  3. Users can choose between free and premium plans, which all provide a personalized hiring plan.

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