Are you a software engineer considering a change in locale or possibly searching for a more lucrative position? If so, take a look at this list just released by Glassdoor. We’ve honed in on the top 10 high-earning cities so you can choose where to find that next job. Keep on reading to find out why you might want to select one place over another.

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Glassdoor doesn’t just give you an average salary. It’s done the math to get a “real adjusted salary” that takes both the median income and the cost of living into account. If some of these rankings surprise you, that could be why.

The numbers below are Glassdoor’s real adjusted salaries for each location.

  1. Seattle, WA ($105,735)
  2. San Jose, CA ($100,989)
  3. San Francisco, CA ($99,751)
  4. Madison, WI ($97,236)
  5. Raleigh, NC ($94,142)
  6. Austin, TX ($91,185)
  7. Boston, MA ($90,171)
  8. Sacramento, CA ($89,669)
  9. Portland, OR ($89,374)
  10. Atlanta, GA ($89,286)

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Why the top 5 might be good for you

Looking for a good reason to relocate? Here are some good ones for the top five in Glassdoor’s list.

Seattle, WA

The cost of living in Seattle is high– around 7.1% above the national average. If you’re considering a move the the Pacific Northwest there are a lot of reasons to land in Seattle. Top among them for software engineers is the over 4,000 open jobs.

It probably won’t be hard to find a position if you’ve always wanted to live in the city Frasier Crane called home!

San Jose, CA

The average software engineer in San Jose will actually make more than their Seattle counterpart, but the 21.3% higher than average cost of living makes a big difference.

If you’re interested in moving to the heart of Silicon Valley then San Jose is probably the place for you, and according to Glassdoor there are over 2,000 opportunities for you to take advantage of.

San Francisco, CA

Cross San Francisco bay from San Jose and you’ll run into the #3 place on the list. You’re going to take home slightly less cash living here, but if you want the opportunities and norcal environment without the insane pace of Silicon Valley you might find a better home here.

There’s around the same amount of jobs available here as there are in San Jose, too.

Madison, WI

This might seem like an odd one on the list, but the low cost of living more than makes up for the difference in compensation. There’s also a booming startup scene in Madison that’s responsible for the creation of companies like Raven Software and Sonic Foundry.

If you’re looking for opportunity in Madison you’re still going to have to compete–there’s only around 100 jobs for software engineers available there right now.

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is home to Research Triangle Park, which boasts an amazing list of tech companies. Red Hat, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Qualcomm, and Microsoft all have offices in Raleigh. The tech scene here is booming, and it’s only a couple hours from the Atlantic–perfect for a weekend getaway.

Get the whole report from Glassdoor

If you want to get all the details check out the full report on Good luck finding the perfect software engineering job!

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