The San Francisco Bay Area remains the highest paying market for technology professionals for the fourth consecutive year, with tech workers earning an average of $145,000 per year, according to Hired’s 2019 State of Salaries Report, released Thursday. While the combination of growing tech sector jobs and rising rents in the area make its place at the top of the list no surprise, other US cities are quickly catching up, the report found.

For example, the average tech professional in Boston was paid 9% more in 2018 than 2017, while those in Austin and Washington, D.C. made 6% more.

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Top software engineering roles can earn tech workers far higher than the average salary in a given city, the report found. In San Francisco, search engineers command average salaries of $157,000, security engineers make $156,000, and blockchain engineers make $155,000. In New York, gaming engineers make $147,000 on average, while blockchain engineers make $137,000, and backend engineers earn $136,000.

Growth in tech worker salaries reflects the changing attitude of these professionals in the workforce, according to the report. One in three tech workers said they expect a raise within eight months of starting at a new company if they receive a positive performance review, which may put more pressure on companies to boost salaries across the board to keep workers around.

Here are the 10 US cities where technology workers are paid the most, and their average salaries, according to Hired:

  1. San Francisco ($145,000)
  2. Seattle ($138,000)
  3. New York ($133,000)
  4. Los Angeles ($128,000)
  5. Boston ($127,000)
  6. Austin ($125,000)
  7. Washington, D.C. ($123,000)
  8. Denver ($117,000)
  9. Chicago ($114,000)
  10. San Diego ($113,000)

When asked if tech workers nationwide feel they are compensated fairly given the cost of living in their current city, about half (47%) said no, the report found.

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Image: iStockphoto/Oleg Elkov