10 cities with the most working seniors

The Lone Star State occupies half of the list. See what other cities are best for older professionals.

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With baby boomers creeping closer to retirement age, many older professionals are taking advantage of their last year in the workforce, according to a report from Provision Living. Whether it be financial reasons, or just enjoying the workforce, a large number of seniors are still working in US cities. 

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The report analyzed cities with a population of 200,000 or more, determining what percentage of each one's working population was made of seniors. In the past decade, both Durham, NC (109%) and Plano, TX (99%) saw the biggest growth in their senior workforces in the past decade, the report found. 

The report identified the following 10 locations with the most seniors currently working:

  1. Plano, TX (25%)
  2. Washington, DC (24%)
  3. Anchorage, AK (24%)
  4. Minneapolis, MN (23%)
  5. Garland, TX (23%)
  6. Austin, TX (22%)
  7. Durham, NC (22%)
  8. Dallas, TX (22%)
  9. Nashville, TN (22%)
  10. Irving, TX (22%)

Five out of the 10 top cities with the most seniors in their workforces are located in Texas, with the rest of the cities not located in major metroplexes, the report said. Surprisingly, New York and Chicago didn't even make the top 50 states, proving that younger generations are overwhelming the populations. 

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