10 Docker tips to make the open source container platform work for you

With the Docker platform, developers and more can easily build and deploy containerized apps. Here are 10 tips for working with Docker.

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Docker remains the center of the container ecosystems, an open source utility that automates the deployment and management of programs inside containers.

"The widespread adoption of containers has changed the orthodoxy of IT--administrators do not need to run multiple virtual machines to create a barrier between applications or users, nor are programmers beholden to languages such as Java, which have their own strategy for process isolation and lifecycle management," wrote TechRepublic contributing writer James Sanders. Docker leads the way in this change, allowing for easier system administration, Sanders added.

Here are 10 TechRepublic articles with Docker tips that will help enterprise users be more productive.

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1. 10 things you should know about Docker

Want to learn more general information about what Docker is, and what it can and can't do? In this article, TechRepublic contributing writer Matt Asay examines the rise of Docker and containerization, and what businesses should consider before diving in.

2. Docker and Mesos: Like peanut butter and jelly

Enterprises may want to run Docker containers, but struggle to do so at hyper scale. In a Q&A with Mesosphere senior vice president Matt Trifiro, Asay explains the benefits of scaling Docker with Apache Mesos.

3. OpenStack is overkill for Docker

While both Docker and OpenStack were built to make IT more agile, Docker adoption has risen much higher than that of OpenStack. However, pairing the two together could potentially offer your enterprise more capacity, if necessary. Here, Asay explains why this may or may not work for your business.

4. How to run NGINX as a Docker container

Using Docker containers makes it easier to roll out apps and services on your network, and installing NGINX as a Docker container can help you cut down on managing applications by replacing the image when new updates arrive. In this article, TechRepublic contributing writer Jack Wallen walks through the process of how to deploy NGINX as a Docker container.

5. How to commit changes to a docker image

Want to use docker images as a template for efficient container deployment? Here, Wallen walks through the process of pulling the image, running the container, accessing the container, adding the software, and committing the changes to a new image that can then be easily used as a base for your dev containers.

6. How to create a docker image and push it to Docker Hub

Docker users can create their own images and push those images to Docker Hub so others can make use of them as well. In this article, Wallen walks through the steps of creating a docker image and then pushing it to Docker Hub.

7. How to install and use Docker on Windows

If you want to try Docker but don't want to learn Linux, you can still take advantage of the platform on Windows. Here, Wallen offers instructions for using Docker Toolbox to get Docker on Windows if you don't have a Linux machine.

8. How to install and use Portainer for easy Docker container management

It's nearly impossible to avoid containers at a given organization, with most using Docker as their primary container platform. If you're looking for a web user interface (UI) that allows you to manage your containers from any browser that can reach your network, you should consider Portainer--an open source, lightweight management UI for Docker. In this article, Wallen walks you through the installation and login process for Portainer.

9. 5 tips for securing your Docker containers

Even with the advanced technology offered by Docker, it's key to keep an eye on security. Here, Wallen offers five things you can do to ensure your Docker experience is secure, including setting resource limits for your containers and using Docker Bench Security.

10. Docker: The smart person's guide

Want more information about Docker? This comprehensive, living guide covers the paradigm shift of containers versus virtualization, as well as why Docker matters for business users.

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