These days, abandoning paper is not a trend, but a necessity. Being on the go means you don’t always have your full suite of tools for performing basic functions like dealing with documents. Whether you need to sign, send, store, edit, unzip, or scan, there’s an app somewhere on this list that will help you get it done.

Here are 10 iOS apps for managing documents.

1. Genius Scan

The day someone figured out that smartphones could be used to scan documents instead of clunky, quirky scanners was a good day. Genius Scan is an app that will do just that, allowing users to easily scan docs and save or send them as JPEGs or PDFs to various locations, whether email, iCloud, Box, Evernote, or many more. There’s a free version of the app. For extra functionality, more export options, and Touch ID protection, you can upgrade in-app for $6.99. It’s available for both iPhone and iPad.

2. SignEasy

This free app lets users sign documents and also allows for others to sign documents remotely. And that’s basically it. Unlike other document management apps, SignEasy focuses just on signing documents. It’s available for both iPhone and iPad.

3. PDF Expert 5

If you regularly deal with PDFs, PDF Expert will let you highlight, annotate, merge, and sign PDFs, as well as fill out forms and make bookmarks. It’s available on both the iPhone and iPad for $9.99.

4. Adobe Fill & Sign

If you’re plugged into the Adobe universe, Adobe Fill & Sign lets users do that with documents like contracts and forms. That includes importing and exporting files from your favored cloud, checking boxes, and even using the scanner function to scan in those documents you need to amend. It’s free and works with both the iPad and iPhone.

5. Pages

There’s always Apple’s own Pages app. It’s $9.99 and is effectively a word processor with all the usual capabilities for creating various types of documents, even using templates. If you use iCloud, you can have your documents automatically sync so they’re available across devices, including Macs.

6. FileApp

FileApp can both read and store files like PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, HTML files, even audio and video, to name a few. One appealing aspect is that it offers password protection as the app starts up. It’s free and compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

7. GoodReader

For $4.99, GoodReader is just a functional app that lets users annotate and markup PDFs, as well as other files like Microsoft Office documents, and do the usual zip, unzip, move, and sync.

8. Organidoc HD

Organidoc is an app for straightforward file management. It works with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, iCloud, and others to help you transfer, save, and compress all kinds of files, ranging from PDFs and Word documents to image and video files. It’s $4.99

9. Evernote Scannable

If you’re a big Evernote user, Evernote Scannable may be of interest. It’s basically a document scanner for receipts, contracts, whatever the case. It can also turn business cards into contacts, and it works with ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner for multi-page documents. It’s available for free for either iPad or iPhone.

10. PDFpen2

It’s not uncommon for signing apps to offer a certain number of signatures or sent documents for free, and then charge for a tier that allows for more signatures. PDFpen2 differs in that you pay $20 for the app, but after that, it’s yours, no matter how much you use it. You can also make notes on PDF, highlight, fill in applications, and make corrections. It’s available for the iPhone and iPad.