I wrote an article a couple of years back about 10 ways Alexa can help you get your work done.
In the time since my article was published Alexa further expanded her capabilities in the business realm. Here are ten more ways you can use Alexa while on the job.

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1. Use Alexa for Business

Alexa for Business is a service offered by Amazon, which integrates Alexa into business environments. Think of it as an intelligent assistant to help you be more productive in meeting rooms, at desks, or even with Alexa home devices.

For example, the meeting room options allow you to reserve conference rooms, schedule meetings, dial into meetings, and connect to meeting equipment control technological devices.

2. Find repair or service providers

The Intently.co skill can connect you with more than one million service providers to install, maintain, repair, or remove infrastructural elements such as electrical devices, plumbing, educational providers, multimedia professionals, and so forth.

It works by checking your location or geographical area and obtaining a list of more than one million service providers. All you have to do is ask Alexa for a plumber, and it will connect you with qualified service providers in your location within minutes.

3. Receive web analytics

The Web Analytics Assistant skill links with your Google Analytics account to provide you with information about your company’s website, how it’s operating, and what sort of traffic it’s experiencing.

Detailed queries can give you specific information such as a full report for a specific data or timeframe.

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4. Tracking business travel details

Business travel can be grueling. The Expedia for Alexa skill can make it easier by providing you with information about your trip, what to do, and where to stay. It can book reservations and inform you about your flight and other schedule information.

5. Task tracking

The Wunder Link skill can hook you into the Wunderlist task manager app, which helps you manage your professional or personal to-do list. Using this skill allows you to add tasks, create item lists (such as for grocery shopping) discover deadlines, and manage your inbox, among other functions.

6. Determining business taxes

The Sales Tax Calculator skill can help you determine what taxes accompany purchases. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool, which helps alleviate the tedium of working with spreadsheets or manual calculators.

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7. Obtaining voice metrics

The Voice Metrics skill can provide information regarding any aspect of your business. Using your Amazon account, it links to a Zapier account where it can pull data from Google Sheets, Slack Board, or any other source using a programmable REST API.

8. Amazon Seller Central

The Amazon Seller Central skill allows companies, which sell products on Amazon to obtain data about their sales statistics. You can find out what your profit levels are, how inventory is doing, order status, pricing and inventory recommendations, and more.

9. Expense Tracker

The Expense Tracker skill enables users to keep a record of income and business expenditures. Simple and straightforward, it offers a tally of transactions for future reference.

10. Scrum Master

Agile methods are popular in technological fields, and Scrum Master is one common element. The Scrum Master skill can assist you in facilitating Scrum meetings and coordinating work elements among teams.