Tech decision makers have a lot of competing demands on
their attention – from working out what technologies to back (and which to
dump) how to keep the team happy and how to make sure the rest of the business
is still happy with IT. Here’s a rundown of some of our most popular pieces of
content in 2013 which should give you plenty to think about for 2014.

Windows XP: If it ain’t broke…
Although time is running out for official XP support from Microsoft, many organizations still have no plans to replace it. What’s going on?

Outsourcing: Not dead, but evolving thanks to the cloud
Outsourcing isn’t going away any time soon, but new technologies and business needs are altering the way it is used.

Making the case for claims-based identity
An important part of your
overall Information Technology security strategy needs to account for
how your application will handle user identity. Claims-based identity as
a strategy for addressing user and device identity within and outside
of your organization.

How to deal with the brilliant, but problematic employee
Do you have that one brilliant, irreplaceable employee who brings so much to the table but who seems to have been raised in a barn? Here’s why you need to do something.

Does IT have a problem with women?
If we can shed some of the industry’s juvenile past, while maintaining this merit-based culture, IT will attract all comers, regardless of gender.

Yahoo and the perils of going remote
In light of Yahoo’s reversal on its employees working from home, here’s why the decision is more complicated than people think.

Does IT eat its young?
Sometimes IT is less than welcoming to new blood. Is your IT department willing to destroy its future in order to maintain its current all-stars?

Why the CIO isn’t cutting it anymore
CIOs, at least as we know them, aren’t cutting it anymore. Here’s why and here’s how to think about IT leadership going forward.

Improve the image of your IT department
Sometimes the stereotypical image of your department keeps you from getting the job done. Learn how to fight this image to benefit your employees and the company as a whole.

Want to motivate your team? Here are 20 things to start doing now
Here’s how to create a dynamic, exciting, motivating environment in an otherwise unexciting, underperforming or stodgy organization.