Coinhive leads the global threat index for the 15th month in a row, according to a Check Point report released on Friday. The report outlines the top 10 most popular cryptomining malware campaigns for companies to avoid.

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The past couple years have seen a spike in cryptocurrency mining malware, according to a previous Check Point report. Most mining apps and sites aren’t intended to be illegitimate, but do crossover to malware territory when used maliciously. Cryptomining malware infections have become so popular that they replaced ransomware as the top cybersecurity threat in 2018.

While Coinhive reigns as the “most wanted” malware on the list, the cryptominer will actually stop operations in March of 2019. One malware that could possibly take it place is GandCrab, which has risen significantly in popularity over the past couple months, the report found.

Here are the other cryptomining malware programs the report identified as the most dangerous:

  1. Coinhive
  2. Cryptoloot
  3. Emotet
  4. XMRig
  5. Jsecoin
  6. Dorkbot
  7. Nivdort
  8. Gandcrab
  9. Authedmine
  10. Ramnit

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