Here are 10 reasons why you should give Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 a try.

1. Improved Security Protection – The three primary goals of Internet Explorer 7 are to defend against malware, protect you from fraudulent web sites, and help you manage your add-ons by giving you full control.

2. New Antiphishing Filter – This filter checks to make sure you are not browsing to suspicious sites. If you hit a suspicious site you are notified by Internet Explorer (see gallery below for the new Antiphishing filter in action).

3. Tabbed Browsing – We all know it isn’t new but Internet Explorer finally has it. Better late than never (see example below).

4. Delete Browsing History – At any point in your browsing session, you can now choose Tools | Delete Browsing History… from the file menu to delete cookies, history, web form data\passwords and temporary Internet files (see examples below).

5. Manage Add-Ons – With Internet Explorer 7, you can manage your add-ons. You have the ability to enable, disable, delete, and download add-ons for Internet Explorer. This is a great management feature to Internet Explorer (see example below).

6. Links Bar – The Links bar allows you to transform your favorite links into a toolbar. It can be really handy for your top 10 websites (see example below).

7. RSS Feed Discovery – When you browse to a page that has RSS feeds or Web Feeds (IE’s term), the feed button illuminates in the IE toolbar. Next, select the button and choose the feed. You now can add the feed to your favorites under the existing web feeds folder or any folder of your choice. I am enjoying this feature (see examples below).

8. Easy-to-Use PopupBlocker – You no longer have to download a third-party popup blocker. The popup blocker bundled with Internet Explorer is perfect and easy to use. (see example 1 and example 2).

9. Integrated Search – You no longer need to download third-party search toolbars within your browser. Internet Explorer 7 provides several popular search providers such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and Ask Jeeves (see examples below).

10. Shrink to Fit Printing – You now have the ability to print out pages in Internet Explorer without losing text. In general, web pages do not print properly but IE 7 takes care of this for you by allowing you to take advantage of shrink-to-fit printing. Simply choose File | Print Preview and the page will automatically shrink to fit for super easy printing (see example).