Working remotely continues to be popular, and more professionals, specifically those in tech, are seeking jobs that allow for that flexibility. In fact, one report found that 74% of North American office workers would change jobs based on their employer’s work from home policy.

TechRepublic has extensive coverage on remote work. The following resources list for employees and managers includes success tips for telecommuters, rules in good remote work policies, and much more advice.

How to land a remote job, and thrive in it
One study found that 43% of American employees now work remotely at least some of the time. This article outlines how to find a job that offers a work from home option and gives tips on succeeding in it.

10 companies hiring for remote jobs where you can literally work from anywhere
The better the work-from-policy, the better the tech talent. This article shares 10 companies that offer jobs that are not tied to an office.

Working from home: 5 hidden downsides no one talks about
Though working remotely seems like a dream to some people, not everything is perfect. This article reveals the downsides to remote work and ways to address the problems.

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10 signs that you aren’t cut out to be a telecommuter (free PDF)
Though working from home seems like a sweet deal, it isn’t for anyone. Jody Gilbert outlines the pros and cons in this TechRepublic ebook to help you determine if the remote lifestyle is for you.

Working from home: Success tips for telecommuters (free PDF)
This TechRepublic ebook discusses best practices for telecommuting and several pitfalls to avoid, based on stories from those who were able to do it successfully.

11 ways to eliminate distractions while working from home
The all too common work from home problem: Distractions. This article discusses how to better manage your workload to get things done more efficiently while managing distractions.

Managing remote workers: A business leader’s guide (free PDF)
Now that offering a work-from-home option is becoming a key hiring tool, many managers may be able to take advantage of these tips when it comes to developing policies and managing remote workers. This ebook discusses tips, strategies, and best practices for the remote work manager.

10 tips for leaders to better engage their remote workforce
Managing a widespread remote workforce can be a challenge for leaders. This article offers tips and suggestions on how to keep your staff engaged, regardless of their location.

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How to manage remote workers: 5 tips
For managers, navigating an entirely new office dynamic could be a challenge. This article outlines a plan for managers to successfully begin developing their remote work policies.

The 10 rules found in every good remote work policy
Before a shift to entirely remote work, experts say it’s good to test the waters with employees working remotely part time. This article details 10 common rules in telecommuting policies that lead to success.

How IT can help remote workers be more productive: 6 tips
Without the necessary tech an IT support, telecommuting can be ineffective. This article offers tips on how IT can provide remote workers with the technology they need to be successful.