10 social media voices to follow on Twitter

If you're looking for a few new sources of insight on the social media and tech front, check out these Tweeps.


If your Twitter feed has been taken over by clickbait and selfies, it might be time to add some new blood to your follow list. Be warned, though, there are plenty of plenty of folks who fashion themselves as social media experts, but a only a certain percentage that add real value.

The accounts on this list offer everything from best practices and infographics to research, curation, and even some humor.

Here's a roundup of ten social media voices you may or may not know, who are worth a follow.

1. Jeremiah Owyang (@Owyang)

Owyang is an analyst at Altimeter Group who is very active on Twitter. Aside from tweeting out links to articles or research, he also tweets a lot of info and fun pictures from the places he travels, like these pop up restaurants at the former Square office.

2. Dr. William J Ward (@DR4WARD)

Ward is a social media professor at Syracuse University (the author's alma mater, for full disclosure). For anyone interested in the intersection of social media, marketing, and advertising, he's wealth of information. He's also a good source for infographics.

3. Danah Boyd (@zephoria)

Aside from being a researcher at Microsoft, Boyd has an interest in youth and technology, meaning that many of her tweets are just broadly about the tech world, but also focused on a current topic in her research.

4. Charlene Li (@charleneli)

Li founded the Altimeter group. She tweets research and a well-curated mix of articles on topics like content marketing and social business.

5. Clay Shirky (@cshirky)

Shirky tweets not just about social media, but the politics of social media, as well as social causes. You're bound to run into tweets about Julian Assange, the FCC, and Egyptian blogger and activist Alaa Abd El-Fattah.

6. Kat Holmlund (@katholmlund)

This digital media specialist based out of Belfast and Geneva has an uncanny ability for picking out great reads that highlight positive and powerful trends in social media.

7. Christal Quek (@ladyxtel)

Quek leads content inside Twitter headquarters and tweets out both good images and interesting articles from different publications.

8. Baratunde Thurston (@baratunde)

Having worked at the Onion, Thurston brings relentless humor to technology, social media, and the digital frontiers.

9. Robert Scoble (@Scobelizer)

If high intensity and total immersion in the tech world is your thing, then Scoble's a good account for you. He's practically the poster child of social media.

10. Xeni Jardin (@xeni)

Tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin tweets everything from Boing Boing content, to commentary on current events, to quips like "How to write a Yo. thinkpiece: Don't." And in true internet fashion, Jardin's Twitter account features a healthy dose of cat pictures.

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