No matter how frustrating or boring a particular task happens to be, a good song can usually make it bearable. Rick Vanover shares some of the tunes that help get him through the day.

Matching music to tedious IT tasks is a popular way to lighten the load. Here are 10 songs that groove well into IT’s underbelly.

#1: You’re trying to solve a problem that you don’t think is solvable

Song: “The Middle”
Artist: Jimmy Eat World

#2: You’re overworked and managing way too many tasks

Song: “Living Dead Girl”
Artist: Rob Zombie

#3: You’ve completed a big project and feel really good about things (for now)

Song: “I’m Like a Bird”
Artist:   Nelly Furtado

#4: You’ve taken a new job and look forward to shaking off the technical shackles of your previous job

Song:   “Broken”
Artist:   Amy Lee and Seether

#5: You’re doing a repetitive task for the 100th time and think you’re going crazy

Song:   “Turnover”
Artist:   Fugazi

#6: You’re showing someone else how to do something for the 100th time and think you’re going crazy

Song:   “One Step Closer”
Artist:   Linkin Park

#7: You messed up! Something didn’t happen like it should have…

Song:   “Bad Day”
Artist:   Daniel Powter

#8: Your mind is numb from hours of copying and pasting the same thing

Song:   “Here We Go Again”
Artist:   Aretha Franklin

#9: You know how to do it, but you can’t do it that way (red tape, forbidden technology, you’re surrounded by inferiors…)

Song:   “Feel Good Inc.”
Artist:   Gorillaz

#10: This Internet policy applies to me, and me only

Song: “That’s the way I like it”
Artist: KC & The Sunshine Band

What’s on your list?

Rick’s had a chance to share his picks, now it’s your turn. What songs do you turn to when you need a lift at work?