Vacations and holidays… we all look forward to these times away from the hustle and bustle of the office so that we can recharge our batteries, clear our heads, reduce stress levels, and just be more productive. But during these times, you might be sitting on the beach or relaxing with your family when suddenly, your pristine surroundings and good mood are shattered by a most unwelcome sound: The work cell phone rings and doesn’t stop ringing until you’ve answered it.

Of course, the caller wants to let you know that something has happened at work and your presence is desperately needed.

That’s the scenario. Now you fill in the rest. Has this every happened to you around the holidays or when you were on vacation? What’s the worst “Oh, @!%@” moment you’ve had while you thought you were going to be away from the office for a few days? You can share your story in the comment section. If you’d rather stay anonymous, email your story to I’ll select the 10 best stories and compile them for your reading pleasure (or horror!).

By the way, you can submit anything — either your worst experience or funniest experience in this situation. I’ll take both!

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