Have you thought about using Linux? If not, here are 10 things that attracted me to playing around with several distributions of Linux.

  1. It is absolutely free unless you choose to purchase support.
  2. Open source.
  3. Easy to download.
  4. Secure. The design of Linux makes it difficult to get a virus. By design, viruses would be isolated to the particular user and could not wreak havoc throughout the system.
  5. Some Linux distributions are very easy to install. SuSe was a walk in the park and has lots of driver support.
  6. Bundled with software to meet most of your needs and it doesn’t cost you a penny.
  7. Very good forum support and you could pay for additional support but it is not required.
  8. Great web platform.
  9. Virtualization. You can install VMware Workstation 5 for Linux and still run Windows XP if necessary. In fact, I am writing this article on a laptop installed with SuSe and running a virtual machine of Windows XP SP2. I have Word opened within my virtual machine which is what I am using to write this blog.
  10. Crazy Linux Zealots. I love you guys.