Managing your business and your career during tough times requires you to focus on the right stuff, both professionally and personally . On Twitter, Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior (right) recently posted her tips for leaning into the current economic headwinds. She gave us her permission to reprint these tips. Take a look and then add your own advice to the discussion.

  1. Prioritize products that solve relevant problems. What are people willing to pay for?
  2. Make sure your solution has sustainable differentiation. What is unique?
  3. Focus on quality and reliability. It works each and every time.
  4. Share best practices and lessons from failures.
  5. Innovate. What will you be ready with in five to ten years time?
  6. Listen with a global perspective. Be there for friends and partners.
  7. Get involved in your community. Contribute time and expertise.
  8. Deflect stress to avoid negative physiological effects. Do what you enjoy: sports, meditation, music, theater or art.
  9. Prioritize. Don’t start what you can’t finish
  10. Pursue your passions. Spend time on what you really care about. Laugh (at yourself, too) and have fun.

Padmasree Warrior is responsible for driving technological strategy and innovation at Cisco. Photo by Crane’s Chicago Business. 

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