While diehard Star Trek fans are ready to boldly go where no man has gone before once again when Star Trek: Discovery premieres on Sept. 24, the way fans communicate with show creators and their peers has changed drastically since Spock first instructed us to live long and prosper. Twitter has made television experiences more engaging and interactive, and is sure to do the same for the next installation of the fan favorite.

Want to stay up to date with the latest Star Trek news, analysis, and behind-the-scenes looks? Here are 10 Twitter accounts that will help you keep up with the conversation.

1. Star Trek: Discovery: @startrekcbs

The official account for the new TV show tweets out behind-the-scenes photos and videos, articles, and streaming information.

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2. Mission Log Podcast: @MissionLogPod

Mission Log is a podcast in which hosts Ken Ray and John Champion explore the Star Trek universe one episode at a time, with the goal of covering all of the 726 episodes of the show from The Original Series through Star Trek: Enterprise. This account tweets about the podcast as well as general Star Trek news, photos, and memes.

3. Scott Mantz: @MovieMantz

Film critic and producer Scott Mantz and self-professed “Trekker” frequently tweets updates about the upcoming Star Trek series as well as looks back at past episodes, along with other movie and television news and criticism.

4. Ted Sullivan: @karterhol

Ted Sullivan, Star Trek: Discovery writer and supervising producer, tweets about the writing process as well as behind-the-scenes photos with the cast, crew, and sets.

5. Trekkie Girls: @TrekkieGirls

This account, connected to a blog created by three female Trekkies, posts articles about the show past and present, and is covering the Star Trek: Discovery premiere and red carpet.

6. TrekCore: @TrekCore

The self-described best source for Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek movie news, TrekCore is a frequently updated blog with news and an extensive image, video, and audio archive.

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7. Jordan Hoffman: @jhoffman

Jordan Hoffman is a writer covering movies for The Guardian, Vanity Fair, and the New York Daily News, as well as the host of ENGAGE: The Official Star Trek Podcast. He tweets frequently about Star Trek as well as pop culture in general.

8. Dayton Ward: @daytonward

Former software developer and analyst Dayton Ward left the corporate world to write several Star Trek novels, along with articles for Star Trek Magazine and other fan sites. His humourous account includes many Star Trek memes, jokes, and articles.

9. Star Trek: @StarTrek

The official Star Trek Twitter page constantly tweets updates about Star Trek: Discovery, photos of the cast, fan reactions to episodes, and more.

10. NASA: @NASA, @NASA_Marshall

What better way to actually explore the universe and our home planet than with NASA? These two official accounts tweet satellite photos, updates from astronauts in space, and even some Star Trek references.

Star Trek: Discovery will air Sept. 24 at 8:30 pm ET on CBS. The first episode will also be available to stream live and on-demand on CBS All Access. After premiere night, all new episodes will be available on CBS All Access.

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