Digital health is one of the fastest growing verticals in technology. Rock Health, a seed and early stage investment fund for digital health startups, released a report that showed there was $4.1 billion in funding for digital health startups in 2014, and the healthcare industry will see a 21% increase in IT jobs by 2020.

Keep up with the digital health and healthcare news by following these 10 Twitter accounts.

1. Rock Health

Rock Health (@Rock_Health) is a seed and early stage investment fund for digital health companies that provides them with funding and support. They also do their own research on the industry, providing fascinating insights.

2. Halle Tecco

Halle Tecco (@halletecco) is the founder of Rock Health and managing director in NYC. She’s a great person to follow for the latest updates on Rock Health and the landscape of digital health in general.

3. StartUp Health

StartUp Health (@startuphealth) is a global entrepreneurship development company, and was founded by healthcare tech entrepreneurs.

4. mHealth Summit

mHealth Summit (@mhealthsummit) is the largest, most diverse domestic and international conference on opportunities in mobile and connected health. It’s a platform for dialogue about global health.

5. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare (@GEHealthcare) is one of the official accounts for the company. The feed is full of its own news, but also emerging trends across healthcare.

6. MobiHealthNews

MobiHealthNews (@MobiHealthNews) is a source for news in the mobile and digital health community. The account basically just RTs and tweets about funding, news, and big announcements in the healthcare industry.


HIMSS (@HIMSS) is a global non-profit that focuses on bettering health through IT, and has a huge network of IT and medical professionals.


TEDMED (@TEDMED) is its own TED conference focusing on medicine and technology. This account is about those people, stories, and related topics. Some really awesome speakers come out of TEDMED.

9. John Nosta

John Nosta (@JohnNosta) is a digital health guru — he is the lead at NostaLab, a healthcare technology think tank, and on the Google Health Advisory Board.

10. Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic (@MayoClinic) has an exceptional social media presence with more than a million followers. The team tweets studies, research, and news about healthcare in general as well as digital health. And they love hashtags.

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