10 Twitter accounts to follow to help you find a tech job

If job boards aren't quite doing it for you, check out these Twitter accounts focused on tech jobs

When you're on the job hunt, you'll try just about anything. Though, after hours of perusing job boards, it's hard to channel some creativity to how and where you look for potential employment opportunities.

If you're on Twitter, you might consider these accounts which tweets out a variety of tech job postings from different companies in different locations around the world. This is by no means all that's out there -- these days many hiring managers and recruiters even tweet when they've got a position to fill. You can also keep an eye on the hashtag #techjobs to see that's cropping up.

Here are 10 Twitter accounts that might help you find a gig in tech.

Nonprofit Tech Jobs : @NPtechJobs

If you're interested in nonprofit work, this Twitter account focuses on exactly that. Recently tweeted job postings include a digital graphics designer for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and a database coordinator for the New York Philharmonic.

USA Technology Jobs : @TechJobsUSA

As the names suggests, this account focuses on technology jobs Stateside.

Tech Jobs : @TechJobsDirect

Along with a wide range of tech jobs, some even dipping into the medical field, this Twitter account also posts articles relevant to job hunters.

Salt : @SaltJobs

Digital recruitment agency Salt tweets out jobs for positions like UX manager and digital marketing lead, frequently with salary ranges. Most of the jobs are based in the UK.

TechFetch : @techfetch

Tech job portal TechFetch tweets out links to the job postings on their website.

Silicon Milkroundabout : @milkroundabout

Silicon Milkroundabout is a tech jobs fair for Europe, that takes place in the UK.

NanoTechJobs : @nanotechjobs

Pretty specialized, but if nanotechnology is your game, this Twitter account is for you.

GitHub Jobs : @GitHubJobs

If you're a developer, you're undoubtedly familiar with GitHub. Here's their Twitter account for job listings with companies like New Relic, Wikimedia, and more.

CareerOne.com.au : @IT_Tech_Work_AU

Here's another location-specific Twitter account, this time for job seekers in Australia.

NewYorkTechJobs : @NewYorkTechJobs

If you're looking for a gig in the Big Apple (or other cities like LA, Atlanta, or Chicago), follow this Career Builder Twitter account for posting from the area.

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