In this day and age of digital marketing, you’d assume that CMOs would be some of the savvier crew on social media. That’s not always as true as you’d think.

Different CMOs take different approaches — some stick to a strict company line. Some inject outside interests and personality into their Twitter presences. Some curate. Some tweet about pancakes. Some are barely there.

The following ten are all CMOs with their own takes on marketing, social media, tech, and life in general.

Beth Comstock : bethcomstock

GE’s Beth Comstock is probably one of the better-known CMOs on Twitter. She does a good job curating interesting stories on tech, like one from the Atlantic on “brain hacking,” or tips for being more creative or productive at work. Example tweet: “Good advice: Limiting your daily decisions will improve the quality of your decisions: .”

Amber Osborne : @MissDestructo

Osborne is the Seattle-based CMO of social media management tool Meshfire. She’s very active on Twitter, and talks about a variety of subjects beyond Meshfire. She’ll tweet events, loose ends from the Internet, or about daily life. Example tweet: “Life gets weird, take a nap.” Also, check out our profile piece on Osborne and learn how she got started tweeting for a brand of canned yams.

Wendy Clark : @wnd

Coca-Cola’s one of the best-known brands in the world. To keep up with what they’re doing in terms of marketing, follow Wendy Clark, senior vice president of global sparkling brand center for Coke. She also tweets more broadly about social media and digital marketing. You can also count on Clark to be timely. Example tweet: “That moment when you’re mildly concerned whether your social media team has enough content for the rest of the game. 4-0!#FIFAWWC #USAvsJPN.”

Philip Schiller : @pschiller

Apple’s Philip Schiller keeps his tweets uncluttered and often uses visually appealing images — so, in a way he matches his brand’s aesthetics quite well. Like a lot of CMOs, he tweets frequently about his brand’s products, but often times that comes out as cool uses, like pointing out the fleet of MacBook Airs in NASA’s pictures from the recent Pluto fly by, or musicians using an iPad during a concert.

Caroline Taylor : @green_goddess

Taylor is IBM’s CMO in Europe. When she’s not tweeting about IBM, she tweets about certain social issues she cares about, like human trafficking. You can also count on her to tweet about science, tech, marketing and sometimes, wine. Example tweet: “Inside the world’s quietest rooms – take a peek into this @IBMResearch vibration-free-bunker, deep underground… “

John Dillion : @DillonJohnW

If you follow Denny’s on Twitter, you know they’re a bit ridiculous (Recently: “still holding out hope for a hot summer romance? our nachos are cute and emotionally available.”) Denny’s CMO John Dillon is fun to follow on Twitter because he not only retweets some of Denny’s finer moments, but responds to fans’ funny tweets about Denny’s. Example tweet: “We support that too. RT @codiebushy I wanna be in a relationship where we can talk all night long and then go get Denny’s at like 4 AM or something.”

Maggie Chan Jones : @maggiecj

SAP’s Maggie Chan Jones a consistent brand advocate, tweeting from events and retweeting interesting news from SAP, as well as links to industry stories. She also tweets about women in tech and leadership, whether highlighting women at SAP or even getting girls interested in STEM.

Vala Afshar : @ValaAfshar

Get ready for some volume. Afshar tweets a lot, but that’s because he’s got a lot to say. Innovation, tech, IT, inspiration, marketing, leadership — Afshar hits all these topics and more. For a more in-depth look, check out our profile on Afshar. Example tweet: “Two things define you. 1. Your patience when you have nothing. 2. Your attitude when you have everything. #mondaymotivation

Seth William Farbman : @sethfarbman

Farbman is new to Spotify. So far, naturally, he’s been tweeting about music. Sometimes it’s an event, sometimes a relevant story about the brand. He also tweets some pretty cool pictures, particularly of the outdoors. Example tweet: “Love this! RT: How Spotify trolled my friend over his viral cat tweet .”

Karen Quintos : @KarenDellCMO

Dell’s Karen Quintos is another high profile CMO on Twitter. You’ll find her tweeting about different initiatives from Dell (including social good projects) tech, entrepreneurship, and women in tech. Example tweet: “Can’t wait 80 yrs for gender equality. Lets fast forward by working together @ey_winningwomen #dwen

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