As issues like the gender wage gap, the lack of women in STEM, and gender bias move to the forefront of the national conversation, more and more women are stepping out to tell their stories and show their support for one another.

It’s resulted in an array of websites, organizations, and meetup groups to help women network, find mentors, give advice, make connections, find co-founders, and more — all in safe spaces designed especially for them. Here are 10 examples.

1. Glassbreakers

Glassbreakers is a peer mentorship community for professional women. It’s a community that’s safe and supportive, and aims to provide mutually beneficial relationships between professional women. You can apply using your LinkedIn account.

2. The Pitch

SheKnows helps empower women with articles and discussion forums on topics relevant to females. The company is soon launching The Pitch, a platform that offers a web video series on how to master the art of the startup pitch. Viewers can comment, share, and discuss amongst themselves about the pitch videos they see.

3. WINGS network

This is the European network for women professionals, with special sections for entrepreneurs, organizations, and educators. Founders can find mentors, workshops, and networks; educators can find guest lectures and materials; and organizations can share their practices, host events, and become mentors.

4. Women Who Code

Women Who Code is a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women in technology careers. It connects women around the world with one another. It now has held more than 1,200 technical events and reached more than 25,000 members in 15 countries.

5. Plum Alley

Plum Alley is a crowdfunding platform created to get more money invested in women’s ventures. It actually began as a platform for highlighting innovations and contributions women were making in the tech industry, particularly for e-commerce businesses. The company introduced crowdfunding and now focuses on women’s market opportunities and women entrepreneurs.

6. PowerToFly

PowerToFly connects women around the world with tech and journalism jobs that can be done remotely. The company is bridging the gap between companies who need more diversity in tech talent, and women in the US and around the world who are limited in their careers because of their geographical location or because they have families and need to work from home

7. Women 2.0

Women 2.0 is a popular media brand for the next generation of technology leaders. It was founded in April 2006, and now has a blog network where women founders, investors, and innovators share their stories and tips they have for others. Women 2.0 also hosts conferences, startup competitions, regional meetups, and even Google Hangout sessions where founders can pitch investors.

8. The BOSS Network

BOSS stands for “Bringing Out Successful Sisters.” The BOSS Network aims to provide mentorship and encourage small businesses and women leaders. The site is a platform for women to find resources, network, and marketing and promotional information, and it also hosts events.

9. Change the Ratio

In 2010, Rachel Sklar founded Change the Ratio, a Tumblr site dedicated to raising awareness about the awesome work women are doing in the tech industry. There are quotes, stories, photos, and events listed on the page, which is updated all the time.

10. In Good Company

This site was created to help make sure female entrepreneurs don’t feel so isolated when they are trying to learn how to grow a business or are working from home, and connect with other women entrepreneurs worldwide. In Good Company also has a physical coworking space in New York with an office and desks that members can use.

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