This has received many Diggs since it was posted in the Ubuntu forum, but just in case you missed it, here’s a list of the “Top 100 Open-Source Linux Apps” as compiled by TheWiseNoob. It’s still being updated with installation info and additions, but this list is obviously a very helpful project — well-organized (by type of app) and comprehensive. Do you have any to add? Here are the Noob’s categories:

  1. BitTorrent Clients
  2. EyeCandy
  3. File Browser/Search
  4. Games
  5. Graphics and Text Viewers/Editors
  6. Music and Video Players
  7. Network Programs
  8. Programming IDEs
  9. Sound/Video Editors and Disc Burning Utilities
  10. Web Browsers

Feel free to submit your own Top 10 list here (one in each category?) and lobby for your favorites. Being a “noob” myself, I would be interested in your opinions; plus, even the Linux gurus among you might want to learn about some killer apps that you haven’t yet stumbled across.