Mobile malware attacks have hit 100% of all businesses worldwide, according to new research from security provider Check Point, released Friday.

After collecting data from 850 organizations across four continents, Check Point researchers found that businesses in all industries were being compromised. These attacks hit both Android and iOS devices, a press release said.

Not only were the attacks widespread, but they were numerous. On average, each business represented in the report experienced 54 mobile malware attacks.

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Additional findings pointed out that 89% of businesses experienced a man-in-the-middle attack over their Wi-Fi network, the report found. This type of attack occurs when a hacker is able to intercept the communication occurring between two parties over a network and eavesdrop or disrupt that communication.

Compromised devices were also an issue. According to the press release, 75% of the businesses surveyed had an average of 35 devices on their network that were either rooted or jailbroken.

“The financial value and frequency of attacks on mobile devices exceeded that for PCs in 2017, which help explain the findings of the report,” Michael Shaulov, head of mobile and cloud security at Check Point Software, said in the release. “Mobile devices are essentially the new ‘backdoor’ for cyber-criminals.”

In terms of how the separate operating systems stack up, Android was found to be less secure than iOS and Windows Mobile by a recent Nokia report. Nokia’s 2017 Threat Intelligence Report found that Android devices were the most likely to be targeted and infected through attacks such as trojanized apps.

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  • 100% of businesses have experienced a mobile malware attack, across both Android and iOS. – Check Point, 2017
  • On average, each business experienced at least 54 mobile malware attacks. – Check Point, 2017
  • 89% of businesses have experienced a man-in-the-middle attack over their Wi-Fi network. – Check Point, 2017