Straight out of the box, the Apple iPad provides business users with an instant-on computing experience, a full-screen view of email and calendar, and much better battery life than most laptops. While those features alone are enough to attract some users, the iPad’s application platform is opening up a lot of additional possibilities that are enticing to business leaders.

As ZDNet reported in May, a number of prominent CEOs are talking up the iPad and turning into unpaid evangelists.

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Here are some of the useful business tasks that executives and professionals are doing with the iPad:

  • Viewing reports and dashboards
  • Tracking projects and tasks
  • Visualizing ideas
  • Taking meeting notes

To help businesses and IT departments find and evaluate useful iPad apps, we’ve put together a screenshot gallery of apps that do the four tasks mentioned above as well as other business functions. You can click the image below to go straight to the gallery.

The following is the list of apps from our screenshot gallery, including links to their iTunes page:

  1. Roambi Visualizer
  2. Analytics HD
  3. Quick Chart XL
  4. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  5. QlikView HD
  6. Evernote
  7. SoundPaper
  8. iMeetingPad
  9. Note Taker HD
  10. Daily Notes
  11. Idea Boards
  12. Penultimate
  13. Instaviz
  14. iThoughtsHD
  15. Outliner
  16. Adobe Ideas
  17. iMockups
  18. OmniGraphSketcher
  19. Todo
  20. TaskTaskHD
  21. Sorted
  22. ToDo Map HD
  23. Project Pad
  24. GoToMeeting
  25. WebEx
  26. iAnnotate PDF
  27. Soulver
  28. XpenseTracker
  29. 2Screens Presentation Expert
  30. Art of War for Business