Several TechRepublic members have questioned the value of Twitter in response to recent articles. Learn 11 reasons why it can be useful for business. 


In response to both my article  on Twitter being the most important development on the Web in 2008 and my 10 tools that will make you a Twitter power user, TechRepublic member Palmetto questioned why he would want to use Twitter and asked what made Twitter any different from IM, text messaging, or blogging.

“I’m still missing the point of this application,” he wrote.

I responded to Palmetto and explained that Twitter is a great way to find interesting information and links from people who have similar interests, but I don’t think I convinced him. However, I recently found a post from blogger Nicole Nicolay, who wrote 22 reasons to use Twitter for business and pleasure. She gave 11 reasons for business and 11 reasons for personal use, and she’s done a nice job of encapsulating many of the things that make Twitter useful.

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Like me, Nicole originally scoffed at Twitter but is now a regular user.  Here are her 11 reasons to use it for business:

  1. Gain exposure for blog/site and gain potential readers
  2. Build network with transparency and trust
  3. Market work, products, services, etc.
  4. Answer questions and ask questions
  5. Learn new things from other industry professionals
  6. Share tech tips and resources (mini blog post) and teach stuff
  7. Meet and talk with others (some business, some pleasure)
  8. Conference connector (stay connected, share info, get social)
  9. Seek out industry colleagues for assistance with special projects
  10. Safety – Tweet unfamiliar meeting locations and while traveling
  11. Better understand social media

The one thing I would add to this list is that if you have co-workers and colleagues who are on Twitter then it can be a great way to pick up on news, information, and developments that you might have missed — especially for colleagues who work in different offices or different locations.

Check out the original post to read more and to see Nicole’s top 11 reasons to use Twitter for personal use.