The 12th app of Christmas Nicole Bremer Nash gave to you a selfless app called Charity Miles.

In the spirit of the holidays, we thought we’d create a smartphone series based on a popular Christmas song. The 12 Days of Christmas starts on Christmas Day, but our 12 Apps of Christmas begins today, and we’ll continue to post one app per day, leading all the way up to the holiday. However you celebrate this season, and whatever device you own (or platform that it runs on), we hope that you find some gems over the next 12 days — as these are the apps that the TechRepublic’s editorial staff and bloggers actually use and feel passionate enough to write about. Here’s what Nicole Bremer Nash had to say about one of her favorite apps called Charity Miles.

Charity Miles is the real spirit of giving. So, if you’re looking to give an app to a friend or loved one
this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with Charity Miles. Snag their Android or Apple smartphone and
download it for free! It incentivizes people to get moving by turning their
workouts into corporate philanthropy.

Charity Miles uses GPS tracking to measure how far a person
walks, runs, or bicycles — and then it turns that activity into charitable giving.
It’s so simple. Create your account and connect it to your favorite social
network. Before you head out, start the app, and select your activity (Figure A) and the
charity (Figure B) you want to donate to.

Figure A



Select the activity before you go. 

Figure B



Select the charity you want to donate to. 

When you’re done, select Finish, then Accept
Sponsorship. Charity Miles posts to your connected social network account with
how far you went, a relevant message, and a “thank you” to the corporation making
the donation on your behalf. It’s just one post per workout, and it turns every
workout or jaunt to the corner store into an opportunity to give without
opening your wallet. Not to mention the mega-bragging rights it creates on

The Android or Apple device must have a network connection in order for the app to
work. It doesn’t use many resources — I run it right along Map My Run and Zombies, Run, and my music app, and I usually have plenty of battery life leftover on my Samsung Galaxy Note II, even after long workouts. 

Since the app is free, you might also consider
giving the recipient an athletic phone holder that attaches to their arm or
waist, so they can be sure to have the device with them while they go. 

Do you use Charity Miles? Share your experience, or tell us about your favorite app this holiday season in the discussion thread below.

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