The 4th app of Christmas that Bill Detwiler gave to you is a business app called CalenMob.

In the spirit of the holidays, we thought we’d create a smartphone series based on a popular Christmas song. The 12 Days of Christmas starts on Christmas Day, but our 12 Apps of Christmas begins today, and we’ll continue to post one app per day, leading all the way up to the holiday. However you celebrate this season, and whatever device you own (or platform that it runs on), we hope that you find some gems over the next 12 days — as these are the apps that the TechRepublic’s editorial staff and bloggers actually use and feel passionate enough to write about. Here’s what Bill Detwiler had to say about one of his favorite apps called CalenMob.

As a Google Apps for Business user who carries a personal iPhone, managing my mobile calendar has always been problematic. Google Sync will link my iOS and Google calendars, but using this method has a few known bugs. I can use Safari to access my Google Calendar, but again, this method has several drawbacks, most notably the lack of pop-up, visual, and audio meeting alerts. That’s where CalenMob steps in (Figure A).

Figure A

CalenMob on an iPhone.

CalenMob (free) and CalenMob Pro ($6.99 USD) from Blue Tags gives you the functionality of the Google web calendar and on-screen meeting alerts (along with SMS and email notifications) of the native iOS Calendar (Figure B). It can also be used offline.

Figure B



CalenMob calendar view.

The free version of CalenMob is ad supported. Because I use the app on a near daily basis, I decided to purchase CalenMob Pro that doesn’t have ads.

The interface is clean and navigation is intuitive. CalenMob provides a variety of calendar views (Figure C), including month, week, day, list, etc.

Figure C



Different calendar views.

The processes of creating a new meeting, editing an existing meeting, and scheduling recurring events (Figure D) are relatively straightforward. If you’ve used other calendars and mobile apps, you should have no trouble with CalenMob.

Figure D



Intuitive user interface.

My only complaint about CalenMob is that you must open the app to sync with your Google Calendar. But that’s a small price to pay for not missing a meeting because I didn’t get a 5-minute warning!

What calendar app is your all-time favorite? Share your opinion in the discussion thread below.

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