Parents rank work-life balance ahead of salary when considering whether or not to take a new job, according to a Tuesday report from FlexJobs.

The top considerations for parents choosing a job are work-life balance (84%), salary (75%), flexible work options (75%), and work schedule (72%), the survey of 1,100 parents with children under 18 living at home found. Other factors weighed included health insurance (38%), retirement benefits (36%), and paid maternity leave (10%).

Parents are increasingly seeking flexible work to improve work-life balance (81%), manage their family (78%), save time (40%), and avoid commuting stress (40%), the report found.

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Some 69% of working parents said they have left or considered leaving a job due to a lack of flexibility, according to the report. And 31% of working parents said they would consider taking a pay cut in exchange for the option to telecommute as much as they wanted.

“Flexible employment gives people more control over how, when, and where they get things done, which is vitally important for groups of people like working parents who have many responsibilities,” Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, said in a press release. “Whether it’s working remotely, having a flexible schedule, working part-time, or freelancing, people with flexible work options are better able to structure their work so that they can preempt many of the clashes that typically happen between work and life.”

FlexJobs collected data from Glassdoor’s list of top jobs for work-life balance, as well as Business Insider’s list of low-stress professions, to identify which of these jobs also had remote work options. Then, the company used PayScale data to determine the median pay for each role.

Here are 12 higher-paying remote jobs that can offer strong work-life balance to parents and other professionals:

  1. Creative Director: Median pay: $86,000
  2. Data Scientist: Median pay: $91,000
  3. DevOps Engineer: Median pay: $91,000
  4. Document Management Specialist: Median pay: $74,000
  5. iOS Developer: Median pay: $81,000
  6. Recruiting Manager: Median pay: $71,000
  7. Research Engineer: Median pay: $80,000
  8. Scrum Master: Median pay: $86,000
  9. Social Media Director: Median pay: $72,000
  10. Strategy Manager: Median pay: $99,000
  11. Technical Account Manager: Median pay: $81,000
  12. UX Designer: Median pay: $73,000

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • The top considerations for parents choosing a job are work-life balance (84%), salary (75%), flexible work options (75%), and work schedule (72%). — FlexJobs, 2018
  • Many tech jobs, including data scientist, DevOps engineer, and iOS developer, can offer parents remote work options. — FlexJobs, 2018