Channel Insider has published its list of “Tech vendors that won’t be here in 2010” based on a survey of the channel partners that make up its audience. There are some surprising names on the list, and some of them are a little far fetched.

In its online slideshow, Channel Insider wrote, “We asked solution providers which vendors they thought would go out of business or be acquired in 2009. The results may shock you. Based on their perceptions and predictions, the following are the vendors that made the going list of those that won’t be here in 2010.”

1. Novell
2. NetApp
3. Check Point
4. McAfee
6. (tie) Juniper Networks
6. (tie) CA
6. (tie) AMD
7. Sun Microsystems
8. Citrix Systems
9. Symantec
10. VMware

Here are my thoughts:

  • I’m surprised Nortel wasn’t on the list
  • Novell is definitely in trouble, but who would want to buy them? Same goes for Sun Microsystems. Maybe those two should merge. If either were to be acquired, the price would be cheap and I think IBM might be the only taker.
  • AMD’s struggles continue but it isn’t going away.  However, a hook up with VIA might make sesne.
  • Having the top two anitvirus makers, Symantec and McAfee, on this list tells us where that market is heading.
  • Citrix and VMware are both having problems, but their products have a bright future so they could both be very attractive targets.
  • NetApp and should not be on this list.