In a recent piece on, Carolyn Duffy Marsan listed 12 tech phrases that she says should never be spoken in the workplace, or especially during an interview, because they will show your age.

[EDITED NOTE FROM TONI: The hyperlink in the above paragraph will take you to the original piece in which you will find what that original author recommends in the way of alternate terms. Judging from the discussion below that may not have been clear to many readers.]

I’m not sure I agree with her completely. To me, nothing breaks the ice between two technical people like reminiscing about now-obsolete technology. Also, time and experience provide a valuable perspective for learning new technology. I think what Marsan means is that it’s okay to speak in reminiscent terms in the right situation, as long as it doesn’t mean your learning stopped with those terms.

Here’s the list:

  1. Intranet
  2. Extranet
  3. Web surfing
  4. Push technology
  5. Application Service Provider (ASP)
  6. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
  7. Internet Telephony
  8. Weblog
  9. Thin Client
  10. Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs)
  11. Long-Distance Call
  12. World Wide Web

What do you think? Do you have any more to add?