Flexible work options are one of the most highly-coveted company perks, but they may also help companies hire and retain young talent. According to a Monday report from FlexJobs, 70% of millennials said they had actually considered leaving a job due to its lack of flexible work options.

The report surveyed more than 3,000 workers about topics related to workplace issues and careers, specifically noting the difference in responses between millennials and older workers in the baby boomer or silent generation. For example, regarding the above mentioned statistic, only about half of the older workers surveyed said they would leave a job due to its flexibility or lack thereof.

For both groups, fewer than 10% said the office is where they most prefer to get work done. Additionally, more than 60% of people in both of these groups said they believed that they’d be more productive if they were telecommuters.

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“Another point that their responses made overwhelmingly evident is that working within the confines of a traditional office environment is not conducive to producing most employees’ best work,” Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, said in the release. “When people of all ages think they would be more productive working from home, employers really need to re-examine their antiquated notion that working 9-to-5 in an office is the best way to maximize results from their employees.”

Flexible work could also lead to more loyal employees, with 78% of millennials and 71% of older workers saying they’d be more loyal to their employer if they had such options, the report said. In terms of work-life balance, 83% of millennials ranked this as the most important factor in a potential job, while 62% of older workers said the same.

Both groups ranked full telecommuting as their preferred flexible work arrangement, the report said. And 41% in both groups said “they didn’t think they should have to exchange anything (such as vacation time or salary) for the option to telecommute,” the report noted.

Here are 15 open jobs that are fully remote and listed on FlexJobs right now:

  1. Bioinformatician, Microbiologist – Salary range: $47,453 – $100,342
  2. Child Psychiatrist – Salary range: $146,275 – $265,766
  3. Country Study Manager – Salary range: $52,810 – $119,490
  4. Creative Director – Salary range: $46,192 – $154,490
  5. Corporate Counsel – Salary range: $72,777 – $193,072
  6. Ice Hockey Senior Sales Specialist – Salary range: $42,782 – $142,817
  7. Medical Director – Salary range: $106,214 – $271,482
  8. Online ESL Teacher or Tutor – Salary range: $24,872 – $61,242
  9. Partnership Manager, Vet Clinics – Salary range: $47,943 – $122,501
  10. Product Manager, Maps, Routing and Navigation – Salary range: $51,124 – $119,079
  11. Professional Consulting Veterinarian – Salary range: $54,312 – $106,176
  12. Project Construction Manager – Salary range: $46,077 – $108,881
  13. Senior Manager, Real Estate – Salary range: $55,058 – $145,651
  14. Senior Scientist, Qualitative – Salary range: $70,309 – $138,063
  15. Tax Manager, Public – Salary range: $69,319 – $126,032

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 70% of millennials have considered leaving a job due to its lack of flexible work options. — FlexJobs, 2018
  • 83% of millennials ranked work-life balance as the most important factor in a potential job, while 62% of older workers said the same. — FlexJobs, 2018