Year after year, security surveys point to password management as a key way to prevent breaches and hacking attempts. One compromised account can lead to data breaches of immeasurable proportions, prompting many businesses to use password protection services like 1Password.

The security company 1Password has released a new Advanced Protection suite that provides business users with five key tools designed to protect their passwords.

With the Advanced Protection suite, business users will get company-wide two-factor authentication enforcement, new firewall rules, better sign-in attempt management, complex Master Password policies and modern app usage requirements.

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“Large, complex organisations use 1Password Business, and many of them have specialist security and governance requirements,” 1Password CEO Jeff Shiner said in a statement.

“With 1Password Advanced Protection, these businesses can create custom rules to determine how their employees can access the information stored in 1Password, and protect their most important data.”

In a blog post, Shiner explained the five new features were designed to help businesses get a better handle on protecting their business and employees.

The Master Password policy is a key feature of the update because it is notoriously difficult to get employees to use complex passwords, leaving them open to hacking attempts. With 1Password, businesses can now put in place stringent password rules that force staff members to put time into their passwords.

Administrators will also be able to manage two-factor authentication for their entire teams, something 1Password said was a key demand from business users.

“Choose which second factors your team can use when they sign in on a new device: an authenticator app, security keys, or Duo. Then enforce two-factor authentication for your entire team to make sure no one slips through the cracks,” Shiner wrote in his blog post.

Thanks to the new features, security teams will now be able to restrict where employees can access 1Password , making sure to block sign in attempts from certain locations or IP addresses. Expanded access to firewall rules allows you to block VPNs or Tor as well as sign-in attempts from high-risk countries.

One of the most innovative features 1Password unveiled was the modern app requirement, which allows security managers to check whether employees were using old versions of the 1Password app and require them to update it. Anyone with an outdated 1Password app will be notified and prompted to change it.

1Password‘s Advanced Protection suite will even let administrators manage sign-in attempts and will give you an overview on any reported, blocked, and failed sign-in attempts.

Users will have access to the time, location, IP address, and device of each sign-in attempt, allowing administrators to see why and how people were failing to login correctly. This information will give businesses a new way to examine how strong their password policies are and whether they are effective.

“With 1Password Advanced Protection, administrators have the power to create security policies, prevent threats, and monitor their team’s access,” Shiner said.

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