We have selected 20 interesting or unique gifts for the Star Trek fan in your life to help make your shopping easier this year. You can view TechRepublic’s Star Trek gift guide in gallery format or by looking at the list of what’s featured in this themed gift guide.

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  1. Spock Tree Topper
  2. Star Trek Potato Heads
  3. Starfleet iPhone 4 Cases
  4. Insignia Pins
  5. Interactive Tribbles
  6. Star Trek Cookbook
  7. Enterprise Pizza Cutter
  8. Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork
  9. Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System
  10. Enterprise & Shuttle Salt & Pepper Shakers
  11. Star Trek Nutcrackers
  12. Red Shirt
  13. Red Shirt Poster
  14. Original Series T-Shirt Dress
  15. He’s Undead, Jim T-Shirt
  16. Resistance is Futile T-Shirt
  17. United Federation of Planets Blanket
  18. Tea, Earl Grey, Hot Mug
  19. Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements
  20. iChime Programmable Doorbell

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