In April 2011, I appeared as a guest on the ZDNet Webcast, “20 Ways to Prepare, Survive and Recover from an IT Disaster.”

During the live, one-hour show, ZDNet blogger David Gewirtz, TechRepublic blogger Scott Lowe, TechRepublic Editor-in-chief Jason Hiner, and I discussed the critical importance of preparing for and responding to a disaster–natural or man-made.

Here’s the complete list of 20 things the panel discussed:

  1. Planning is key
  2. Design disaster plans with “APIs”
  3. Backup, backup, redundant backup
  4. Set up alternate sites and backup HQs
  5. Understand your entire supply chain
  6. Choose vendors with rock-solid DR plans
  7. There will be lawyers
  8. There will also be germs
  9. Define your chain(s) of command
  10. Monitor the implementation of your plan
  11. Test your plan with disaster drills
  12. Operate DNS servers in multiple locations
  13. Create a database of important master lists
  14. Learn to ruthlessly prioritize
  15. Put “the ship” first
  16. Plan for people as well as servers
  17. Develop and pack “bolts” kits
  18. Train and educate everyone
  19. Build for robustness and failure
  20. Be flexible

Every IT professional should watch this webcast. You can view the recorded Webcast through ZDNet’s download directory or by clicking the link above.

Note: This Webcast was sponsored by HP and Intel. You must be a registered TechRepublic or ZDNet member to view the Webcast and the registration information you provide will be shared with the sponsors.