For those who haven’t noticed, there’s a new trend in online fiction marketing–giving the fiction away online. Case in point: Every single short-fiction nominee for sci-fi’s Hugo Award is available free online, and we’ve got the links–thanks to our good friends at SFSignal.

Best Novella nominees

Best Novelette nominees

Best Short Story nominees

For those so inclined, you can also snag a free online copy of a Best Novel nominee–Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union–if you’re willing to endure a clunky Flash player. More importantly, SFSignal also lists every other novel nominee, and every nominee in each of the 11 other categories that haven’t been released for free over the intarweebs as yet. Check back to the page for updates…once you’re done feasting on these opening salvos of sci-fi goodness.