It’s another year down but some things never change. That was shown this week as Internet Explorer remained under fire from yet another zero-day exploit.

More potent than previously thought, this exploit targeted all versions of IE not just IE7. Initially Microsoft was less than swift in responding to the problem, and this led to calls for users to abandon the browser.

By the end of the week, Microsoft had bowed to pressure and released a patch for the browser.

Now that the crisis is over, it’s time to analyse whether Microsoft could have and should have handled the entire processes much more differently than it has.

Destruction is something that many of us like to see — admit it, deep down inside you like to see explosions and car crashes — and the white jacket lads from ZDNet Australia decided to ruin some hard drives. Kerosene, hammers and microwaves all get a start and make for some great viewing.

For the Apple hordes, it seems that the “Age of Steve” may be drawing to a close. Apple has decided to pull out of the MacWorld conference after 2009, and Phil Schiller, senior vice president of marketing at Apple will handle the keynote instead of Steve Jobs. Talk of Jobs’ health continues to flood the Net, but until further notice I’ll personally be placing Steve Jobs in the same category as Kim Jong-il — still alive, and that’s all we’re allowed to say..

That brings an end to the Weekly Roundup for 2008 — in 2009, Lana Kovacevic will be taking over the Friday roundup duties. It’s been fun bringing you the pick of Builder AU’s content for the past couple of years, and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy Builder in 2009.

Happy holidays to everyone and may you have an excellent 2009.