It’s January and hopefully you’re getting settled back into work. Since the year is young, we thought we’d take a look at a few of the IT job skills that will be important in 2015.

First up, there’s desktop support. Experts at CompTIA and Robert Half told us that while desktop support has changed, there’s still a demand. You might not need help with a malfunctioning PC– wen tend to just replace those, now — but when the wi-fi goes down, that’s where these folks come in.

Next, there’s project management and soft skills. IT is expensive, in case you haven’t noticed. The recruiters and folks in the job field we talked to said it’s becoming increasingly important to find candidates who can provide the assurance that projects will get done on time and on budget.

Third is security. No surprise here. We’ve seen breach after breach after breach lately. Our sources say threat management and monitoring are two particularly important areas.

And finally, versatility. Find areas of crossover where you can increase your value. The demands of evolving technologies will require a broader skillset. So, if you’re already solid on virtualization, for example, adding some expertise in security could really set you apart.

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