UPDATED 12/21/15

Twitter is firmly lodged in the center of media and politics. Though the company has stumbled several times over the past decade, it has also remained the social web’s connective sinew. As social media services evolved and became mainstream, then filled niches, one of Twitter’s many alcoves has been news and politics.

Over the next several weeks TechRepublic will publish a series of posts that explore how technological innovation can lead to competitive advantage in politics and campaigns.

This is a non-partisan, cursory list of interesting and influential presidential campaign staffers, intended to introduce readers to the people who help shape digital political strategy. Our list highlights a key member of each campaign staff, their Twitter handle, and a status update that encapsulates the individual’s role in the campaign.

We’d appreciate your feedback and ideas about how technology and politics intersect in the comments below.

Bush (R)

Carson (R)

Christie (R)

Clinton (D)

Cruz (R)

Fiorina (R)

Graham (R)

Huckabee (R)

Kasich (R)

O’Malley (D)

Paul (R)

Rubio (R)

Sanders (D)

Santorum (R)

Trump (R)

This list is also available on Twitter.

This story is part of TechRepublic’s on-going Election Tech 2016 series. This non-partisan coverage will highlight the ways tech is shaping the election and shine the light on the players, the technologies, the vendors, and the strategies that are winning the game behind the scenes.

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