An Indian engineering student has developed a way to cram 256GB of data on to a single A4 sheet of paper. Sainul Abideen aged 24 has named this new technique ‘Rainbow Technology’; the system works by converting data in to geometric shapes combined with various colours rather than using traditional methods such as binary.  Any types of file can be converted in to rainbow format and then read back via a scanning device.  This development is being hailed as a great move forwards in the field of environmentally friendly technology due to the biodegradable nature of the storage media, paper.  The RVD (Rainbow Versatile Disc) could be a real contender in future media format wars offering a higher storage capacity than DVD’s at a much lower cost.  Tear off sheets could be used by newspapers or magazines to distribute free software or video rather than the polycarbonate discs used today.  SIM card sized RVD’s could hold up to 5GB of data with a tiny scanner being embedded in notebooks or mobile phones for fast and easy data access.