3 emerging technologies IT pros aren't skilled enough to manage

Tech professionals want to develop new IT skills, but 80% lack the time and budget for training, according to a SolarWinds report.

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Three-quarters of technology professionals need to develop new skills to confidently manage their hybrid IT environments in the coming years, but 80% said they lack the time, training, or budget for learning, according to a Tuesday report from SolarWinds.

In the past year, tech professionals have prioritized skills in systems and infrastructure management (47%), security management (41%), and hybrid IT deployment and management (41%). But in the next three to five years, these professionals plan to develop more skills in hybrid IT deployment monitoring and management (47%), security management (46%), and data science and analytics (37%), the report found.

The rise of interest in data science skills suggests that tech professionals may be preparing for emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the report noted.

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The top three technologies tech professionals said they feel unequipped to manage with their current skillsets are:

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) (53%)
  2. Quantum computing (43%)
  3. Machine and/or deep learning (43%)

Lack of training

While tech professionals want to prioritize career development on a weekly basis, they are hindered by factors including time and cost involved, the report found. Some 83% of those surveyed said their day-to-day IT tasks extend into the time set out for professional development, with 28% reporting that this always happens.

Technology workers currently engage in IT skills training or career development programs ranging from a few times a year (28%) to monthly (22%). But barring any schedule or workload restricts, most (42%) said they would prefer weekly training, according to the report. The biggest barriers impacting tech workers' abilities to participate in IT skills training and professional development programs are time and availability (48%) and cost (29%), the report found.

"Recent history has proven that there is a direct correlation between technology and business performance," Joe Kim, executive vice president and global chief technology officer of SolarWinds, said in a press release. "The results of this year's IT Trends Report highlight that businesses need to focus even more on developing these professionals charged with running and pioneering technologies for the businesses. By removing day-to-day barriers, arming technology pros with the right technology and management tools, and prioritizing skills and career development in the IT budget, tech pros can be better equipped for the future and help with business growth."

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