Carl Brooks, analyst for the Cloud Transformation Research Channel at 451 Research, spoke with TechRepublic’s Conner Forrest at VMWorld to describe the three types of private cloud deployments.

The first option would be for an enterprise to own and operate infrastructure either on-premise, or in a data center that an enterprise co-locates. And it has to qualify as an IaaS. “This is private cloud as canonically as it is,” Brooks said.

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The next method would be to host a private cloud. Somebody else owns and operates the infrastructure, and installs and maintains the cloud platform software, he said, but the enterprise is the one who consumes and operates it at the OS and application levels. However, “there are nuances to this,” he added.

There’s the possibility of managed services associated with hosting a private cloud and a managerial relationship that could extend all the way up to the application level.

“Still, it’s yours because it’s segregated, it’s away from anybody else, [and] no other customers operate on that equipment or in that vicinity,” he said.

The last option would be a fully multi-tenant public cloud consumed,bought, and sold by the enterprise directly.

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